Sessions available face to face in Derriford, Plymouth or via Zoom or Telephone throughout the UK



“Karen offered a gentle ear in a way that let me feel comfortable and has let me consider aspects of myself that had remained hidden. She explored difficult topics with care and is supportive and friendly, making it easy to talk openly.” – Sylvie, age 42

"I found Karen to be an excellent listener, with a warm and friendly approach.  I valued counselling sessions with Karen because she was attentive, and never judgmental and this helped me to feel safe and supported.  I felt able to share my most difficult (and painful) issues with Karen and I always felt listened to and understood." - Kate, Age 61

'Karen has a way of just knowing what I'm feeling. I feel supported and understood. I felt safe to just let go and talk about stuff that had been difficult for me and I've, as a result, become aware and learnt so much about myself.' - Dave, Age 26

Spectrum Healing

'I would highly recommend Karen as a practitioner. I enjoyed a healing session with her via Zoom. Karen made me feel comfortable, relaxed and in good hands. I felt happier, more positive and brighter after our session. I look forward to working with her again.' - Natalie, Age 53

'Karen did a healing session for my daughter, who was very anxious. I was amazed about how what Karen did in the Healing tallied with what was causing my daughter to feel that way. After the session, she felt much calmer.' -  Emma, Age 38

'I found the Healing session really refreshing. I could feel my body letting go of emotions that I hadn't even known it was holding on to.' - Barbara, Age 52

*Please note names have been changed to protect confidentiality

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